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Coconut poached chicken, and lunch the next day

Coconut poached chicken Salad, with soup the next day Serves 2 plus lunch the following day I love it when I can cook dinner and easily repurpose the left overs for a completely different dish the next day. Ingredients 1 can coconut milk (400mL), I like Ayam brand thumb sized piece of ginger, sliced 1… Read More »

Broccoli salad with caraway and horseradish

 Broccoli salad with caraway and horseradish  (inspired by the first mess) serves: 6 I love this salad, beacuse my husband will only eat cauliflower if it’s raw so it’s a great way to get it into him. It looks complicated but it’s seriously worth that little bit of effort.  I wait till I start seeing… Read More »

Warm Chickpea salad with Salmon

This salad is ready in 5 minutes and can be made form whatever is in your pantry.  Don’t have chickpeas use kidney beans or white beans instead.  No Salmon, use Tuna.  Toss through whatever greens you have, we also like it with iceberg and cucumber. Warm Chickpea Salad with Salmon Serves 2 1 large can red… Read More »