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One Pan Chicken Dinner

Who doesn’t love a dinner that literally takes only one pan ?  Perfect for a lazy summer meal, use whatever vegetables you like, I sometimes add sliced fennel or halved tomatoes.  The chicken steams in the stock and the skin cooks beautifully.  If you don’t serve the veggies with dinner (they can be kind of… Read More »

There’s no such thing as a “Summer Body”

Do you have a summer body?  Do you even know what a Summer Body is, and how it differs from a winter body? (I don’t) From about August onward magazines, blogs and gyms start proclaiming that it’s time to start working on your Summer Body.  Even gyms which are supposedly empowering women to be fit… Read More »

Top 5 food myths busted

Low-fat dairy is healthier than full fat You know by now just how much I love dairy and the thought that eating my beloved cheese and butter is doing me harm just doesn’t sit well at all.  Did you know that studies have shown that eating full-fat diary products is not linked to an increased… Read More »

Creamy Fish Pie

I love this recipe because I can make it in the morning when I have time and just set to heat for dinner.  I often make extra mash the night before to save time on Fish pie day. Creamy fish pie (serves 4) Ingredients 4 large floury potatoes, peeled and chopped into quarters 1 TBSP… Read More »

Nourishing Pantry Burger

The best thing about this recipe is that everyone can help themselves.  Simply pile a plate with toppings like tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, beetroot etc.  Make the meat patties and serve with bread rolls or in lettuce cups for a bunless option.   INGREDIENTS 500gm Beef mince, you need a little fat and grass fed… Read More »

It’s time to get Real and CUT THE CRAP

When did eating become so hard? Everywhere we look; TV, magazine stands, Facebook, YouTube, even in the school playground someone is promoting a new “healthier” way of eating.  These protocols come complete with a story about how they can cure everything make you lose 10 kilos, gain more energy and so on.  A number of… Read More »

The what and why of gut bacteria

Do you love your Guts? Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates made the bold statement that all disease begins in the gut.  Clearly he was ahead of his time. We are finally catching up and realising the vital role these bacterial microbes play in our overall health.  Bacteria is a bit of a dirty word, pun… Read More »

January 2016 tips

I read a quote once that said “IF YOU DON’T LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY WHERE WILL YOU LIVE? It’s the start of a new year, filled with potential so lets make 2016 the year you stop being “too busy” to take care of yourself, lets make it the year when you make small but significant… Read More »