About Virginnia

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I have always loved food: eating food, thinking about food, shopping for food, preparing food, talking about food and encouraging people to try new foods.  I spent many years selling and promoting wonderful local and imported foods and was constantly asked to  create menus and suggest healthy options for  my customers.   Food played an important role in my upbringing. My Grandmothers and Mother were all good cooks, who liked to entertain and to feed people. When visiting my childhood home you would always be offered a cup or glass of something and bite to eat.   I thank them for my love of cooking. Combining flavors and textures comes easily to me and more often than not result in a delicious nutritious meal!  I do have the odd disaster and I promise to share those with you too.

My Dad was and still is a keen gardener, so fresh vegetables were always available and often in big quantities all at once. I think this has contributed to my love of preserving and pickling and also of creating ways to re -purpose left overs and those last little bits of things in the fridge.  I call my self the ‘left over queen’ as often the re purposed dish is more exciting than the original!

I have been interested in Nutrition and the effects that different foods have on our bodies for the as long as I can remember.

After several years of  studying ( as well as having a full time job and family ) I am now a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist.  

I am particularly passionate about how we feed our little ones, starting with how, when and which foods we offer to supplement milk or formula feeding.  This is such an important stage in their development and can set our children up for a life.  Teaching children to love and respect food, where it comes from, how to cook it, which foods nourish our bodies and which foods are better off as “sometimes” foods is vital.  

As a working parent I need dinner to be on the table quickly, lunch to be nutritious and quick to eat, and breakfast to set my family up for the day.  

With this in mind I am always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen, recipes which taste great, dishes that can be cooked once and eaten twice and lots of variety.  

My dietary mantra is very definitely everything in moderation. That includes kale, chia seeds, wine, cheese, coffee, meat and dare I say it?  – hot chips!   I don’t always make everything from scratch, I order takeaways, I don’t always eat well but I feel better when I do, I could loose a few kilos and I tend to get really excited about food and nutrition. 

Happy cooking




Disclaimer: All material on this website is provided for your information, entertainment and eating pleasure.  It is not intended to replace consultation with a trusted health professional.  No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this website. Although I am a trained and registered nutritionist and love researching I do not have access to your personal medical history so all advice contained here is general, please contact your chosen health professional for more individual and specific advice.