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I am so glad you stopped by and look forward to getting to know you.

As a trained clinical nutritionist my aim is to cut through the hype and the scientific jargon and using plain English  unravel the conflicting information about what to eat.

Should we all be eating  handfuls of goji berries, bucket loads of chia seeds and truck loads of Kale every day just to be “healthy” ?  I don’t believe so!


So what will you find here?

New Recipes and a few old forgotten favorites. Ways to save you time and reduce waste in the kitchen. Tips on how to increase the nutrients in every fork-full. Traditional Wisdom -I believe we have a lot to learn from traditional diets and admire the work of   Weston A Price. The opinions of a Qualified Clinical Nutritionist. A community of people like you  who are interested in learning more about how to source and prepare real food to feed the people you love the most.

What won’t you find here?

Recipes that need a long list of  ingredients. Foods that are hard to find or pronounce. Fad diets or the promise that you can lose a dress size over the weekend , my focus is on health and vitality NOT waist measurements, that being said I am happy to assist you to achieve your ideal weight using real food in a sustainable way, that sets you up for life.


As a certified GAPS practitioner I can help you navigate the wonderful world of the GAPS gut healing protocol.  If you are confused about broth vs meat stock, probiotics vs fermented foods or exactly how to begin introducing new foods while on GAPS or even if this protocol is right for you, give me a call (0467002336) for a FREE 15 minute consultation.

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So if the health of those you love is important, if you are confused about what to eat, if you would like to understand why certain foods are better than others then hang out a while, browse the site and join in the fun.



Disclaimer: All material on this website is provided for your information, entertainment and eating pleasure.  It is not intended to replace consultation with a trusted health professional.  No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this website. Although I am a trained and registered nutritionist and love researching I do not have access to your personal medical history so all advice contained here is general, please contact your chosen health professional for more individual and specific advice.