Cut the Crap: Find the food solution

When did eating get so hard?

As busy Mum’s it feels like we are constantly being pulled in different directions, time is scarce and information is coming at us from everywhere.

By the time you do school pick up,  after school activities, supervise homework and bath time, there is little time left to make a decent dinner. Or is there?.  If the neighbours knew it was fish fingers or spag bol again would you be embarrassed?

I hear you, trust me you are not alone and there is a solution.

We are living in an information dense age, everyone is suddenly an expert and it feels like you are the only one who doesn’t know what a healthy diet looks like, or the only one who is still eating white bread and sugar and feeling guilty about it.   You are overwhelmed, you know you can and should do better but don’t know where to start, relax take a breath there is always a solution.

If you can give me 5 minutes a day for the next 4 weeks I will give you;

The tools to take back control of meal times, to lose the guilt and to feel proud of the food solutions you are providing

Simple ingredient switches resulting in better health for your family

The confidence to implement the change and start your real food journey

Delicious, family friendly recipes, cause let’s face it who wants to cook if the kids won’t eat it anyway

I will show you how to save time in the kitchen, reduce food waste and ultimately save money

Sounds good right?  How much does this cost?  NOTHING, it’s absolutely FREE!!!!

Sign up for Cut the Crap, find the food solution and lose the guilt in 5 minutes a day.  Next course starts on Monday the 6th of February 2017.


Exactly what is involved?

Over the 4 weeks you will receive emails with mini challenges to help you clean up your act, some will take a few minutes some a little longer, but most can be done in the time it takes to clear the table after breakfast.

Emphasis will be on the WHY, that’s where the power comes from, if I just gave you brand swaps you’ll go back to confusion when the challenge is over, it’s the whole teach a girl to fish thing.

You will be part of a community of like-minded women in our closed Facebook group, all discovering the food solutions that works for their family.  I love that the group is closed as we can be honest and not fear that someone from school is judging or that we should already know something, we’re here to learn, right?  While you are waiting for the challenge why not Join Food for Thought and become part of the conversation.


Who is Virginnia, the Food Solutionist anyway?

I am a fuss free but passionate foodie, a qualified clinical nutritionist, and a business owner and just like you I am a busy Mum juggling homework, after school stuff and dinner.  My philosophy is that everything can be made worse or better by the food we eat and that there is always a food solution to a problem.  Sometimes the solution is coffee and cake!  Cutting through the crap and the marketing to make real food easy is really exciting to me and I love passing my simple tips and tricks on and empowering women to get their kitchen mojo back.  I celebrate the small wins, like a child eating wholemeal bread instead of white or a husband eating a meat free meal without noticing. I’d love to help you start on your own food solution journey and hope you will join me for this  challenge.  Want to see more check her out (HERE)

What do other people think?

Virginnia is a great source of assistance, support and knowledge to me in aiding our son with serious allergies and eczema. Her advice is always approachable and realistic to our busy life and she spins in a special dose of love. It’s refreshing to receive help that focuses on what we can add in instead of what we take out. She offers seriously great dietary advice with a cherry on top, and maybe a piece of cake…… Melissa, mother of 4 (South Australia)

Virginnia, your passion for food, nutrition and a balanced, healthy lifestyle shines in each class that you enthusiastically conduct. I need lots of hand holding and you have given the ground work for me to know that I can improve the way I eat and feel.  I love your sense of humour and thoughtful planning.  Lyn, mother and grandmother (Mittagong)

Sign up now and invite a friend to join you, everything is better when someone else is along for the ride.

You will receive the first email immediately after signing up so keep an eye out and remember to check your spam.  In the meantime please join our closed Facebook Group (HERE) and start learning straight away.  I look forward to meeting you on the 10th and helping you navigate this crazy food world.